The Healing Power of Truth

The Road to Finding Inner Happiness

Most of us feel the need for finding fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness. Why can’t we find it? What is it in us that cannot enjoy things as they are? Our instinctual nature inspires us to go and search for happiness. We engage in many promising rituals as well as spiritual, psychological, motivational and energetic treatments so we can unleash mental or emotional blockages we have that hinder us from feeling good about ourselves, our lives and what has manifested in our lives. Despite our good efforts, these attempts most often do not work, as our focus goes away from what is actually happening in our lives, instead of embracing what we have.

We may feel unsatisfied with what we have, so we begin to dream about something that we do not have. What we have gets neglected and this only serves to enhance our dissatisfaction.
We need to learn to pay attention and properly care for what we have without looking externally for something new. What we do is look away from the truth and fantasize about something else and move away from what can help us. Healing can happen when we are able to find and face the truth head on. It is in actuality, not so difficult to do so, when we see our lives without sentiment, judgement or emotions. Seeing our lives as they are, truthfully, is nothing less than a miracle. Seeing ourselves truthfully as we are carries the real healing power. Let’s begin the process.
There is a difference between being motivated to grow, learn and evolve than being competitive, jealous and driven to be better than another. Growing, learning and evolving are part of a drive that comes from the heart, as we are fully engaged and love who we are and what we have. Competitiveness, jealousy, and wanting to be better than another come from a feeling of unworthiness and are ego driven. We are living in a very competitive reality where it is very important to find inner calmness, ease and self-love, so we can find and live a life that is interesting, creative and happy.

We all can find the calmness within us and it is, truly, not that hard. The hardest part of this process is finding the time and energy to take the fist step. As you are reading this, you have actually already found the time and the energy to take your fist step. You might as well continue and begin to complete the first step right now.

Completing the First Step: The Road to Finding Inner Happiness

The first step to inner peace and happiness is slowing down becoming still and taking inventory of yourself — self awareness and time with yourself is a real key. It can redirect you, spark your creativity and lead you in the right direction with the right timing.

Here is an example I would like to use. Of course I want everyone to come to my workshops and I do believe they can help everyone. Of course not everyone can attend as much as I would like to hold it in a stadium with 100,000 students. But there are a lot of people that could attend and do not for one reason or another. This can also be a metaphor for doing something in your life that would be good for you but you do not do it, or you think you don’t have time to do.
Here’s the example:

I would really love it if everyone attended my next workshop, Freedom in Relationships on Tuesday evenings. You also might want to attend, or even plan to attend, but then reality hits; you live too far away, you have other plans, or you don’t have the money. If your heart really wants it, then engaging and participating would be the first step to open your mind, heart and life to do something that initially seems impossible. How? You might ask. To make something impossible happen, you need to gather yourself, take a breath and become a bit more creative. There are options! One option is to clear your schedule, find the money, and come to the workshop using your ingenuity. Another option is to make arrangements with us to join the workshop via FaceTime or Skype. You may also want to actively participate with our blog. Our workshops and articles are geared toward helping you take the first step to seeing your life as it actually is, so you are best able to thrive in your life.

Money, distance and busy schedules are often the road blocks that hinder us from making changes in our lives. Initially, It seems to be so difficult to rearrange schedules, to take the time and budget differently, or to look into other options on how to participate. In reality, however, just taking the time to see whether or not a schedule can be rearranged, budgeting our money differently, or, when living to far away, using modern technology, could remove this road block, because we have the chance to see something that we might have missed otherwise. Most often, when we really do become more aware of ourselves, we are able to make something happen, that initially seemed impossible. This is the moment, when a surge of freedom, truth and love runs through our bodies, and we feel happy and satisfied.

So now, if you are really interested in finding your inner happiness, keep reading.

Take a piece of paper and answer the following question without using essential oils:

What do you really have?

Look into your environment and make a list of everything that is physically there. Then continue onto listing all your skills, and everything that you do in your life.


  • What do you have (physical items)
  • What do you have (physical items)
  • What skills do you have
  • Everything you do (actions)

Once you have completed this list, you may already see and understand how much you have, and how much you have already achieved. All of your completions and success happened, because you participated and engaged. You may be critical, judgmental or dissatisfied with what you have, however, that does not take away from what you have done, it was you that created it! Take away your judgements, criticism and dissatisfaction, then you will be able to see your own strength, and creativity that you can now utilize to go a step further, evolve and grow, and design a life that best fits your personality, and comes directly from your heart.

Take Charge of your Life with the Help of Essential Oils


Essential Oils can help you to see and accept the truth of your foundation, so you can grow, learn, and evolve.

Cedar Wood – To feel safe and secure.

Bergamot – To surrender.

Lemon – To clear charged emotions.

Ylang-Ylang – To connect to your heart passion.

Essential Oil Exercises

Invoke the energy of feeling safe and secure:
Anoint the center of the soles of your feet with one drop each of Cedar Wood Essential Oil. Sit quietly for five minutes, focusing on breathing evenly. After five minutes of emptying your mind, make a factual inventory of all of your possessions, activities, interactions with family and friends.

Most likely you will notice how much you have and how supported you are. Read this list daily and update the list when changes occur, so you can see movement.

Invoke the energy of surrender:
Take a spontaneous 15 minute break and apply one drop of Bergamot Essential Oil to your third eye (in between the eyebrows) and just be in the environment, silently. During this 15 minutes allow things to unfold without your participation or without being affected, distracted or disturbed.

This is a harder exercise and it may take practice until you get the full benefit of feeling completely at ease and unaffected by what happens around you. Consider starting this exercise in your home environment to get used to the fact that nothing will happen to you. In fact, the only things you are likely to experience are having your energy being fully restored, being more conscious and aware, having more creative thoughts, and becoming calmer and more effective in your tasks after the exercise is complete.

Clearing charged emotions:
Both of the above exercises might bring up sentimental feelings, feeling of unworthiness, and other uncomfortable feelings. These are charged emotions. You can clear them by circling and outlining your body contour with an opened bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. Start outlining your body contour on your crown downward to your right foot, and upward on your left. Keep doing it until you feel lighter.

Connecting to your heart passion:
If you would like to connect to your essence heart passion, you will need to do the above exercises before this exercise, so you are cleared of all obvious and hidden energetic blockages.
Apply Ylang-Ylang onto your heart, your solar plexus and the soles of your feet (one drop each), then sit in front of a plant and touch the stem, leave or flower of the plant, breathing evenly for five minutes. Right afterward, write down what you have experienced first and then keep writing about what you want to do, or what you want to achieve. Write exactly how you think it. Keep doing this exercise until you can see a topic, formed content or an outline of your heart desires that come through your uncensored writings. This exercise may be repeated daily until a clear picture is achieved through your writing.
I hope after reading this you are motivated and inspired to learn, grow and evolve into a life that serves you best and becomes part of radiating love, truth and freedom into your environment. We all can participate in small or big ways to make changes in our busy lives, and bring more awareness to the richness that living from the heart can bring.

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