Super Moon with the Radiant Heart


This special moon gives all of us the opportunity to celebrate the preciousness of our lives. It’s been 33 years since the last super moon and total eclipse has happened, and it won’t happen again till 2033. Let’s use this special event to pause, reflect upon our lives, and think about how to go forward from here on out. Join us and also take the time to look at your life with the eyes of a Radiant Heart, full of appreciation and wonder. Use 1982 or your birth year as a reference point to see what has happened and to become aware of the strength, the love and the wisdom you had while you lived through your experiences.  Share your beautiful life story with someone else on Sunday, September 27th, at 10:47 pm., We can inspire one another to see life as beautiful and precious, highlighting strength, love and wisdom.

I would love it if you would share your stories here on this blog, so many people can connect and see that we are not alone in our experiences.


Love your Life

Your life is sacred and has everything you need to find love, happiness and abundance. Love, happiness and abundance can be found and activated if you feel, see, hear, smell and taste how sacred your life really is.

We all want to experience true love and true happiness. This universal desire motivates us to search for love. Where is it? The simplest answer is most often dismissed. It cannot be so easy, we think, and therefore we miss the source of love and happiness. So where is it? 

If you want to find out, come to the workshop. If you have been having a hard time finding love and happiness in life than come to the workshop and see what can open up for you.

The five week workshop will help show you the sacred and loving spaces in your life. We will use the guidelines from the Radiant Heart to open our hearts to loving ourselves, loving life and bringing love into life.

I will not say more than this, so that the expectations of the mind do not cloud the potential of what can be activated from your heart! I look forward to seeing you there!


You can register online by clicking on the flyer above. Select classes and  the beginning date August 4th, 2015.

Phone: 310.699.7743

Radiant Heart Essential Oil

Radiant_Heart_Summer_2015It always starts in the middle of the night with the overpowering scent that I can barely tolerate. It comes to me, it calls to me, it speaks to me in my dreams. I wonder if it effected the other women that made the Radiant Heart before me in the same way. This is the way it always begins. The scent and the imagery almost haunt me until the blend has been mixed.

I am so fortunate to make this essential oil available to you. Sacredness, mysticism and tradition are all combined in the making of this sacred oil. Twice a year rich aromas awaken me in the middle of the night.  Dreams follow to guide me through the process of combining essential oils, drop by drop till a whole batch is made. I love the time around the Radiant Heart. The energy of love is so strong,  evident, humbling and inspiring, all at the same time. There is so much more to life than we normally experience.  During the times of making the Radiant Heart, the harshness of everyday life is more evident. Yet, instead of getting disillusioned  or afraid, my heart gets stronger to stay in the silence of the Radiant Heart energy, and see how life responds with loving and effective solutions.  Something in the thought and feeling process changes and instead of being afraid, nervous, or threatened, I see solutions and possibilities, and I am able to communicate with strength and compassion. It is truly magical how chaos mystically calms,  people that are really irritated, quickly calm down, listen and instead of fighting are open to a fruitful discussion. It is magical how people open in an instant. The fact that this is possible shows the sacred quality of the Radiant Heart Essential Oil.

Again, I would like to thank all of you who are participating with the Radiant Heart. You are an integral part of  the bi-annual celebration. Every time this sacred essential oil is made, it gives us more insight into how to live our lives from the heart, having love, truth, respect and freedom as our guides and our authorities. The message of the Radiant Heart throughout the centuries is consistently the same. The Radiant Heart shows us the essence of unconditional love. It also helps us leave stress, fear and nervousness behind and wake up to the calm, creative and innovative part of ourselves that naturally and freely expresses love and compassion.

This year the Radiant Heart 2015 can help us open our hearts to our own lives, help us rethink how we live, and help us realize what is truly important to us. It is never too late to wake up from wherever we are in  our lives, good or bad, and begin to live our lives with love, compassion, freedom and truth as our authorities. All of our lives are  meaningful and precious, as the life we have right now is the only life we have. We are important as we are part of the whole, effecting and contributing to our own lives, our families, friends, the community and society at large. Once we feel how precious life is, we begin to naturally interact with others in a more loving, compassionate and respectful way.

Initially, especially in difficult situations, it may not be easy to follow the guidelines of love, truth, respect and freedom  When life does become difficult, the Radiant Heart can step in and help, so we are able to respond  to negative events in our lives in calm, forward thinking and loving ways. Using the Radiant Heart Essential Oil teaches us how to respond appropriately, as it activates a deep inner silence within us, from where we can draw wisdom and understanding. Once wisdom and understanding is ignited, we are able to cut through  fears, aggression, and violence. We all have this very powerful energy within us that can be awakened. Once we feel this empowering energy, we will be able to integrate it into our everyday lives.

Here is how to start using the Radiant Heart to activate the incredible energy within you. Inhale the Radiant Heart blend though the nose from the bottle once for 1 to 2 seconds.  Next, repeat the following three sentences 9 times each in sequence just before you go to sleep at night.

  • I love my life
  • I love to share my life
  • I am ready to bring love to life

The Radiant Heart Summer 15 Essential Oil is available now in a very limited quantity. If you are interested in the Radiant Heart blend please call me at 310.699.7743.


Radiant Heart 15 Celebration and Happy 4th of July

Scentsible Life wishes all of you a HAPPY 4th OF JULY weekend.

Just a few days ago, on Thursday evening, we activated the new Radiant Heart (Summer) 2015 with the beautiful July Full Moon as a backdrop. It warmed my heart to welcome so many people who are sincerely interested in living free, loving and compassionate lives. Thank you so much for coming to this special event. radiant_heart_thank_you

Summer 2015 Radiant Heart

radiant_heart_summer_2015_sq_no_textIt is Radiant Heart Week. Dreams and spontaneous understandings have started to become part of my nights and days. The theme of the Radiant Heart Summer 2015 is to learn how to see our own lives in a broader way. It is natural to get drawn into the daily routines and mechanics of our lives. Our thoughts and actions are going more into addressing immediate needs without considering long term effects. What is life about, how should we best live our lives? What is our purpose in life? What is right and what is wrong? These questions come up over and over.

Over the centuries we have built a structure to organize our lives. Most of the people in this world have jobs and relationships through which they identify themselves. We build a self-expression of who we are through preferences. These preferences are sometimes inspired by what is in fashion. Are we becoming a society where individualism, heartfelt and real inspiration is no longer desirable? Is anything that is outside of the norm threatening? Does our current power structures – laws and social rules – limit our evolution?

radiant_heart_summer_2015_sqDid we forget to follow our hearts?

Did we forget to follow or hearts? This is the main question,in addition to other related questions, that the Radiant Heart brings to our awareness. Is our desire to become successful more evident, than our desire to find truth, freedom and love? We are living in a time where we have access to so much information on how to do something, on how to relieve mental, emotional stresses, and how to build a successful career. Why does it work only for a few? The Radiant Heart Summer 2015 tries to open our hearts to find meaningfulness in every day life. When we are able to feel and see how important our lives really are, the heart can open and guide us into a way of life that feels right.
Every experience shapes the landscape of our life. Each experience brings richness and aliveness to us, keeping us aware and mindful. When we become aware and conscious that we have been strong and able enough to create the life we currently live, then our perception of what happens in the moment can change. As we now know that we are in charge of building the landscape of our lives, we also have a better chance to pay more attention to events and situations in our lives. We can replace judgments and fears with clarity, an open mind, and the knowing that truth and respect will ultimately win. In order to live a life that is personal, meaningful and happy, we need to allow love, truth and respect for everything that exists to become more important than being right, or being better or wiser than another.

The Radiant Heart Summer 2015 will help us to understand that nothing is wrong with us or our lives. Our lives, lived within the guidelines of the Radiant Heart, can become the foundation for the expression of love for life and the people around us. All interactions with others, nature and evolution can be lived with compassion, respect and truth as priorities.

If you would like to become a part of a growing group of people that incorporate the guidelines of the Radiant Heart into their daily lives, contact us at 310.699.7743 or e-mail us at

We are having our bi-annual Radiant Heart celebration coming up on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 7pm to 10 pm. If you are interested in participating get more info here.


Summer Radiant Heart 2014


Graphic by Brett Doran

Graphic by Brett Doran

The Radiant Heart Summer 2014

The Radiant Heart first came to form in 1746 with an essential oil blend and specific guidelines to help people find true love, happiness, freedom and an internal knowing of the preciousness of life. The Radiant Heart Essential Oil needs to be made in a very specific way, in order to receive the right guidelines. The knowing of how to make it and how to receive its guidelines has been transferred from one woman to the next, generation after generation, uninterrupted. Throughout the times the essence of the Radiant Heart has stayed the same. The Radiant Heart and its guidelines have given us, always, the right insight, the right tools, and the appropriate guidelines so we are able to change what needs to be changed. Ever since the first Radiant Heart our language, attitude and our social etiquettes have changed. The guidelines are constantly updated so we can relate to its message with the current language, attitude and social etiquettes. The original message, that we need to keep love, freedom, truth and happiness alive, so we can experience the preciousness of life itself, never has been compromised or distorted through attitude or behavior.

The Radiant Heart now, since 1999, is available through Scentsible Life and Andrea Schally. More and more people find us, and experience the mystery of the Radiant Heart becoming alive, and being infused into all parts of their lives. The aliveness of this energy is growing, expanding and therefore spreading more visibly into the world. Every person who experiences and is infused with its mystery contributes to the growing of the awareness that all people deserve to have a rich and happy life. Everybody whose heart opens knows that love, freedom truth, and happiness can only stay alive if we live it.

 The Radiant Heart and Andrea invite you to participate at our next Radiant Heart Weekend this summer on the second weekend in July.

Throughout the centuries people from all walks of life have experienced the mystery of the Radiant Heart. The different outcomes have one thing in common: all of the people who followed its guidelines experienced their own life become meaningful and happy. In turn, they became passionate about sharing the Radiant Heart energy in a good way, so that they could pass on the feeling of love, happiness, freedom and the internal knowing of how precious life is. The Summer 2014 Radiant Heart Weekend begins with a ceremony and celebration of the Radiant Heart and continues the next morning with the announcement and teachings of its guidelines about the “Connection to Love”.

Radiant Heart Summer 2014 Ceremony

July 12th, 2014 at 4 pm to 8 pm, $9

Radiant Heart 2014 “Connection to Love”

July 13th, 2014 at 10 am to 4 pm, $99

At Scentsible Life, 5715 Meridian Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042.

You can RSVP to this event online at BodyMindOnline.

Our Winter 2014 Radiant Heart Celebration:

Radiant Heart Celebration Winter 2014