Beauty and Health Wednesday

Beauty_Health_Wednesday_July_8_15Wednesday evenings at Scentsible Life are dedicated to taking time out of our busy schedule to stop, relax, have a little fun and take care of ourselves. It has quickly become part of our regular lives, and we are seeing the benefits of our weekly rituals. We have noticed that we have more energy throughout the week and we are not as tired when the weekend rolls around. Another benefit is our skin is looking much healthier. We are really enjoying it and we encourage you to participate with us. As we often state, in our busy lives, it is vitally important to dedicate time to relax, nurture and pamper ourselves. Beauty treatments combined with relaxation are a great way to release stress, allow mind chatter to dissipate and boost the immune system.

Today we are excited to introduce a treatment with coconut, rice and brown sugar.


Here are the ingredients you will need for this week’s Beauty and Health Wednesday.
Scentsible Life Skin Care Kit (cleansing powder, facial oil and hydrotone)
Scentsible Life Facial Mask
Shredded organic coconut
Organic brown sugar
Organic brown rice
Aloe Gel
(You can find these ingredients in health food stores. Maybe you too grow your own Aloe Vera.
Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Gemstones (optional)

Facial Mask Recipe:
1 teaspoon ground coconut flakes
1 teaspoon ground brown rice
1 teaspoon ground brown sugar
1 teaspoon Scentsible Life Facial Mask
2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel
1 Tablespoon Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Elixir or just plain water

Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Elixir:
Select 1 Rose Quartz and 1 Aquamarine gemstone
Place the stones into 8 fl oz of pure spring or distilled water
Let the stones sit in the water overnight


Let’s begin our Wednesday Ritual:

Tonight, when you get home, pause outside of your door and wait until you feel calm before you enter.

Here is a simple breathing technique which may help you:
Sit or stand in front of your home, close your eyes, paying attention to your breath.
Slowly change your breath and count 9 on the inhale, hold your breath to the count of 9 and then exhale on the count of 9.

Do this breathing exercise till you feel calm and you are no longer thinking about your day and all other mind chatter has dissipated.This exercise can sometimes take five minutes or longer.

Be patient, it is worth it! Once you have done this, you have already brought relaxation to your body 🙂

When you are calm, enter your home feeling how great it is to come back to your own sanctuary, where you can be yourself, where there are no demands and no obligations.

Now get your skin care products and a “quiet time” space ready. Maybe you want to eat before you start this regimen tonight. Or you may prepare a meal that you can enjoy during the ritual. Allow yourself to make the ritual your own.

I recommend starting with a shower so the water can act as an additional helper to wash away the stresses of the day. When you are ready, cleanse your face and body with the Scentsible Life Cleansing Powder. Afterward, step out of the shower and apply the facial mask.

Sit quietly in your dedicated area, close your eyes and enjoy the quietness in your home. Appreciate your home and feel how it provides you with safety and nurturing. Relax and let the mask stay on your face for at least 20 minutes before you rinse it off.

Next, apply the Facial Oil with gentle circular movements. Finish up with a spritz of Hydrotone. Pat the moisture into the skin. That’s it! A few simple steps to feel relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy!



Beauty and Health Wednesday, Uruguay

Banner_for_Beauty_and_Health_Wed_UruguayMy amazing journey started in Buenos Aires, continued to Salta, Purmamarca, Cafayete and Salta in Argentina and then onto Montevideo, Colonia de Sacramento and Punta del Este in Uruguay.  The final day of my journey, today, on Tuesday ends here in Punta del Este.  Tomorrow evening we are headed out to the Montevideo airport to fly back to the States. I had such a great time in these two beautiful countries in the Southern Hemisphere. As I am flying back tomorrow (which falls on Wednesday),  I will be doing my Beauty and Health Evening tonight at a beautiful hotel in Punte del Este.

Punte del Este is so beautiful and great to visit without many tourists. It feels like having the beautiful nature almost all to myself.

File Jun 23, 8 44 39 AM

File Jun 23, 6 28 45 PMMarina Punte del Este

Aloe_Vera_ UruguayFile Jun 23, 6 29 19 PMFile Jun 23, 6 29 02 PMFile Jun 23, 7 36 53 PM

What better way to end this beautiful day and amazing journey, than by enjoying a heated indoor pool and hot tub, followed by a facial in the hotel room?

File Jun 23, 8 45 45 AMThis morning, I saved a Kiwi and a banana from the breakfast buffet.  When I prepared my facial, I  mashed and mixed the two pieces of fruit with one teaspoon of the Scentsible Life Cleansing Powder to make my mask. I will leave the mask on over night to rejuvenate and refresh my skin, which by the way, has been exposed to a lot of cold, dry and windy air outside during my adventures down here in the winter air, as well as hot air indoors.

I will miss Argentina and Uruguay, but I am also looking forward to coming back home to Los Angeles. It’s a bitter sweet evening tonight in this beautiful hotel in Punta del Este.

Taking a break in the middle of the week to take care of ourselves is not only great during regular times, but also during vacation! I hope all of you will enjoy your Wednesday Beauty and Health Evening whether you are at home or on the road!



Beauty and Health Earth Day Wednesday

Photos by Brett Doran

Photos by Brett Doran

Happy Earth Day!

It’s Beauty and Health Wednesday, an evening in the midst of the week, where we take a break, pamper and nourish ourselves with the Scentsible Life products and inspirations. Come on board and become part of a growing group of people who are taking the time to nurture themselves. If you do not have our products, you are welcome to give us a call at 310.699.7743, or order it on line at

The past few weeks we have posted different recipes, essential oils and meditations for a stress relieving evening. This week we are switching it up a bit to also include the body and the environment into our weekly practice.

When you come home take a moment to wait in front of your door before you enter.


Take a deep breath and imagine entering a sacred space. Feel how good it feels to come home to your own personal sanctuary, where you can let your hair down, relax and unwind from daily activities. Step into your sanctuary and take a moment to be at home, sitting down enjoying a cup of hot water, letting your thoughts about work and the day go.

As your body begins to relax, start your Wednesday evening with the preparation of a good meal, and your beauty products. Enjoy the process of preparing food – food for your body and food for your skin.

Scentsible Life Food for Your Skin Recipes:


Make enough of the cleansing powder so you can massage it all over your body. Here is a recipe that fits most body types. You can make more or less, keeping the proportions 1 part powder to 2 part fluids. Keep in mind, with our products, a little amount goes a long way.

1 Tablespoon Cleansing Powder
2 Tablespoon freshly pressed lemon juice

Facial Mask Recipe:

1/2 teaspoon of warm honey
1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice
1 teaspoon of facial mask
2 drop of Lavender Essential Oil.
Add more facial mask if you like a more creamy consistency.

Light an aroma lamp with 2 drops of Lavender and place it in the area where you will be sitting or laying down while the facial mask dries.

When you are done preparing your beauty products and your space is ready for you, begin the cleansing step.

With circular motion massage the cleanser into your face and body. While you massage your face and body, feel how your skin becomes cleaner, lighter and brighter. Then step into the shower. For a moment stand directly under the stream of water, allowing the water to wash away stresses and mind chatter. Then wash off the remaining cleanser.

Step out of the shower, dry your body with loving thoughts, full of appreciation and gratitude. Be thankful for your body that carries you through the day, through all the experiences, tasks, and ups and downs of life. Remember, your body is always there for you, strong and beautiful.

Keep your body warm, while you go on to the next step.

Apply the prepared facial mask to your face, feet and hands, put on socks for your feet and gloves for your hands. You may want to set a timer for 20 minutes.

While your mask is working on nurturing your face, hands and feet, become conscious of the aroma in the room. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and inhale the aroma. Focus only on your breath and on loving thoughts toward yourself, and your loved ones. After a while begin to ponder what is important to you, and how you can make room to pay more attention to it.

After 20 minutes, slowly get up, rinsing off the mask with warm to hot water. While you apply the Scentsible Life Facial Oil and complete the treatment with a spritz of the Hydrotone, smile at yourself in the mirror, acknowledge how beautiful you are and feel what a great life you have.

Enjoy the rest of the evening with the renewed energy that flows in your body, mind and emotions.