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I am so excited to introduce Toni Branner, an expert on nutrition,  to all of you at Scentsible Life. We will have a great evening, learning about healthy food for our body and skin.

You can register for this free event online. (Select classes and the date September 10th to find the Health and Beauty event on our online scheduler)


Tools for Happiness

Simple Tools to Help with Happiness in Tough Situations
Essential Oils, River Stones and a Quiet Space

Happiness is just a breath away. With a strong self awareness a simple deep breath is very powerful.  It can help us center ourselves quickly and nearly effortlessly.  It’s so simple, but so hard to remember to do when we are nervous, afraid or stressed out.  Do you freeze, become overly defensive, or panicked in situations that are uncomfortable or hurtful? In these moments we only have ourselves to tackle the situation. The following simple daily practice with essential oils, river stones and quietness can help you to remember to be at ease, strong and confident in uncomfortable situations.

Being at ease, calm, confident and strong comes from an inner knowing that nothing can be so difficult that it cannot be solved in an amicable, loving, and intelligent, non-aggressive manner. When you are happy, love your life and love yourself,  you will be more able to transform fear, nervousness, and frustration into intelligent ways of dealing with the situation, immediately in the moment when it happens. The exercise below can help. When you are happy, you can handle anything in life better. Make it a habit to breath away  mind chatter, and inhale calmness and happiness, so you can feel strong and empowered to not only tackle situations but also to make the best out them.

  • Prepare a foot bath in a quiet place in your home
  • Add two river stones
  • Add one drop of essential oil (see below)
  •  Soak your feet and breath evenly for 15 minutes letting your thoughts wander, not thinking about your thoughts.
  • Just breath and listen to the sounds of your home

Do this practice daily until you notice that uncomfortable situations are no longer creating inner turmoil.

So, now what essential oils should you choose for your foot bath? That is a bit trickier. But here are a few suggestions.


Lavender is always good to have on hand. It is best to use when you feel nervous and have a slight headache.

Bergamot is always uplifting. Use when you are unfocused, irritated, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Cedar Wood is a beautiful oil to have on hand to become more grounded and present. Use it when you feel physically worn out, feel afraid and insecure.

These are just a few essential oils that can help you to induce happiness within you through dissipating fear, nervousness, and stress. There are many more essential oils and you may need a different  oil that is compatible to  your personal needs. Feel free to contact me, so we can find the essential oil that serves you best.

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Beauty – Health – Connection – Wednesday

Beauty_Health_Connection_WednesdayJoin us every week for beauty and health Wednesdays. Consistently participating with us will help you dissipate stress and anxiousness in the body, so you can live happier healthier, and feel more free within yourself.

Tonight at 7 pm (Pacific Time) after our Spa regimen we are going to light a candle.  Join us at 7 in sending out light and love to the world.  Together we can spread great energy into to world.  Let’s take great care of ourselves and send love to others.

Have a beautiful Wednesday.


Lavender – Rosemary – Eucalyptus

Heading_For_Lavender_Eucalyptus_RosemaryLavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Essential Oils are all useful oils for a number of reasons. They provide amazing help for wound and burn healing (lavender), clearing respiratory congestion (Eucalyptus), boosting and strengthening the immune system (Rosemary), combating stress and depression (Lavender). Using them is very easy; you can inhale them straight from the bottle, anointing the chest area, or just adding a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser.These simple methods can help you stay healthy and feel good.

Essential Oils can also enhance the quality of our lives by removing mental and emotional blockages, so we can go through our days with calm and clarity, enjoying paying attention to what is happening in the moment. Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils help us to become more aware of what our bodies need, help to induce self-love, and help us feel true respect and love for others.

How to incorporate essential oils to your life in a safe, effective and beneficial way:

Many of us only know to choose essential oils based on symptoms that are felt in the moment. This is the most common error in using essential oils, as they don’t always work on symptoms. The oils work on the source of the symptom. When choosing essential oils based on symptoms alone, you may not experience the relief of the symptom. On the contrary the symptoms may be enhanced, highlighting the aches and pains, only to direct you into taking care of the source of the symptom. Finding the source may be difficult when you are already in pain. And, that is the reason why you should ask a trained, professional essential oil therapist. The therapist will help you choose the right essential oil for the source and the symptom of your discomfort.

Having said this, I would like to guide you into learning about how essential oils work with the Scentsible Life Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential oils and the following life-enhancing, preventative, and stress relieving treatments. Please follow the instructions and contact us if you have questions or need further guidance. We are here for you.

For chronic physical conditions:
Bring Lavender with you to work or wherever you go during the day. Add one drop onto a cotton ball, and place the scented cotton ball on your desk, or close to computers or other electronic devices.

Once a day for three days use Lavender in the foot bath before you go to sleep. Add 2 drops of Lavender and soak for 15 minutes. Afterward massage one drop each into the soles of the feet.
Do this treatment three days on, and three days off until the physical condition has changed.

Lacking self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love:
Bring Rosemary to work. Add 2 drops on to a cotton ball, and place the scented cotton ball on your desk, or close to computers or other electronic devices.
In the evening, shortly after you have returned home, take a Rosemary foot bath. Add 2 drops to a warm to hot foot bath, and soak for 15 minutes. Afterward massage one drop of Rosemary into the chest area.

This regimen is done every other day for two weeks. Changing self-esteem, self-confidence and finding self-love on our own is a bit more difficult, and you may need additional guidance.

Having troubles in relationships:
Bring Eucalyptus to work. Add 1 drop on to a cotton ball, and place the scented cotton ball on your desk, or close to computers or other electronic devices. In the evening, before you go to sleep take a foot bath. Add 3 drops of Eucalyptus to the foot bath and soak for 15 minutes. Afterward apply one drop to the solar plexus.
This regimen is done every day for one week on and one week off. Changing something in relationships on our own also might be a bit more difficult, and you may need additional guidance.

These treatments with the essential oils are relaxing and comforting. The changes in you and your physical body happen naturally, unassumingly, yet steadily and ongoing. You might want to journal your experience with the treatments, so you can see what changes.

Journal in the following manner:
Before you start and after you are done with the treatments describe as accurately as possible how you feel, what thoughts you had, etc. Avoid analyzing your experience. Keep track of what you do everyday, again without analyzing your activities.


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Beauty and Happiness on Wednesday Evenings


Our nutrient rich, fresh and unprocessed skin care line is a great way to nurture and pamper your skin. Organic vegetable oils, grains, clays, meals and our essential oils are blended to create skin care that works for you like organic, fresh food.

Enjoy taking a break on Wednesday evenings!