Beauty and Health Spa Wednesday



Beauty and relaxation treatments are a perfect combination to enhance the quality of our lives. Life looks brighter and lighter, less demanding and stressful, when we feel rested, happy and beautiful. Enjoy a mini vacation tonight.

Scentsible Life skin care products  are made fresh in small batches to keep the potency and vibrancy of fresh, organic ingredients, like fresh, nutrient rich food. I know, there are so many skin care products on the market, and so many recipes for making your own. Scentsible Life  is among only a very few companies that create fresh skin care products with the health of the skin, body, emotions and energy in mind. If you would like to get more information about our products please feel free to contact us at 310.699.7743 or e-mail us at


It’s Beauty and Health Relax¡ Wednesday


Enjoy Relax¡ Wednesday. If you live in the Los Angeles area you are welcome to join us. We are coming together from 7 pm to 9 pm. If you plan to join us please call us at  310.699.7743 so we have enough fresh skin care and snacks for everybody. If you can’t make it tonight and would like to participate, join us on the  google hangout from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Click on Google Events to connect with us tonight.

I am looking forward to seeing or meeting you tonight. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Beauty and Health Wednesday


Tonight we will be broadcasting our Beauty and Health Evening live on a Google+ Hangout.

Our Beauty and Health Wednesdays are dedicated to relaxation from the stress of daily life.  We invite you to take time out and forget about all of your demands and obligations for a little while.

Join us for an enjoyable evening as we go over the benefits of using all natural skin care to take care of and rejuvenate your skin. We strive to make this a spa like experience so it is fun and relaxing for all.  Take a break with us this Wednesday evening and connect with like minded people while you are nurtured with our all natural skin care line, fresh facial masks and essential oils. We look forward to seeing you!

If you would like to join us please call us at 310.699.7743 for directions.

Beauty and Health Social Wednesday

Beauty_Health_Social_Wed_BannerIn a few days we celebrate Mother’s Day and today’s Beauty and Health Wednesday can be a great way to get ready for the special occasion. Let’s celebrate the beauty and the sacredness of moms through nurturing and loving each other and living this Mother’s Day.

With this in mind, please join us tonight for Health and Beauty Wednesday at Scentsible Life.  Tonight we will offer fresh face care, featuring our freshly made cream and our skin care products.  We are looking forward to having a social event in honor of mothers where we can have fun and take care and nurture ourselves at the same time! 🙂

Health and Beauty Wednesday starts at 7 pm at Scentsible Life Center in Los Angeles.

This is a free event!  If you would like to attend, please RSVP by calling  310.699.7743 or emailing

If you live out of the area, and would like to have inspirations for a spa health and beauty evening, visit one of our prior Beauty and Health Wednesday posts.  If you would like to get to know us in person, and you live out of the greater Los Angeles area, we are arranging a google hang out for our next Beauty and Health Wednesday. We look forward to meeting you!

Scentsibe Life Skin Care Products:


Our basic facial care kit featuring Cleansing Powder, Hydrotone and Facial Oil

Calendula flower from our garden that inspired our new Scentsible Life fresh skin cream.

Calendula flower has wonderful properties for the skin

Calendula flower has wonderful properties for the skin

Our fresh skin cream is good for the face, hands and body.  Click on the ingredients pictured below to see a detailed list of the ingredients of the fresh cream!

All the fixings for fresh mango butter!

All the fixings for fresh mango butter!