Essential Oil Therapy At Home 2

Essential Oil Therapy at Home:

Today I would like to introduce my Strength Essential Oil Blend. I love this essential oil for many reasons. At first I just had an impulse, and what I refer to as a smell sensation for this essential oil. It took me by surprise when I realized I could recreate my smell sensation with only two essential oils: Lavender and Cedar Wood. The whole process of making Strength took a few days of blending different numbers of drops of Lavender and Cedar Wood, waiting for the drops to blend well, and then adding a different variation of the same two oils, again and again until it was complete. I knew the process was completed when I inhaled the mixture and it matched the original smell sensation I had.  At first I only had a beautiful smelling aroma in a bottle, and then after a period of observation, the wonderful properties of this oil revealed themselves.

Very soon into the observation process, Strength showed effectiveness in the areas of physical tension and stress relief, easing mind chatter, worries, fears, and feelings of uncertainty. Using Strength on a regular basis helped to establish will power, strength, courage, discipline and endurance especially with challenging tasks, or in difficult, emotionally charged situations. In my essential oil therapy sessions Strength almost immediately helped to dissipate feelings of discomfort, worries, doubts, and fears of change.

Strength is such an unassuming and subtle essential oil. The changes that occur are non- dramatic, gentle, and almost unnoticeable at first. The sweet and refreshing aroma of Strength changes and uplifts the spirit and increases the will power, strength, and discipline to complete tasks. In the evening it helps unwind the stresses of the day, preparing for a restful sleep allowing us to wake up in the morning refreshed and full of energy to go about the day.

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Strength Essential Oil and how to use it at home:

Just inhaling this essential oil and anointing the wrist (like a perfume) will help lifting the mood and spirit.

When feeling physically tired, emotionally and mentally drained taking a break with a soothing foot bath feels so good, and restores and rejuvenates physical energy. Prepare a foot bath with comfortably hot water. Create a nice atmosphere with candles, flowers and soothing music. Just before you step into the foot bath add 6 drops of Strength, stirring it in clockwise direction to distribute the oil in the foot bath. Enjoy the relaxing and soothing treatment.

If you feel nervous, irritated, or agitated at work, massage two drops of Strength into the chest area, and inhale from the bottle. Consider taking a short break and walk outside for a moment. Wait until the nervousness, irritation or agitation dissipates, and then continue with your task. Note: You may feel self-conscious about interrupting your work, if so you might need to remind yourself that when you continue doing your work nervously and irritated, the chances of making a mistake that you later regret is much higher. You can take a short break, take care of yourself, and restore physical energy, calmness and effectiveness, so that your work can be completed to the best of your ability.   Strength can be a great tool in to get you back on track at the office.

Strength as a companion in times of change:

Strength showed to be of tremendous help to dissipate the discomfort, worries, doubts and fears that can come up during times of change. The uncertainty that change brings with it may cause doubts, worries, fear, discomfort and awkwardness. All these feelings interfere with the mindfulness that we need when we change, causing a disconnection to the tasks we need to do, and therefore creating difficulties. At first change is appealing and exciting. There is enthusiasm, we pay attention to what is happening and connect with what we want to do. When we stay connected, pay attention to the tasks at hand, and have enough physical energy, changes can happen fast and easily. Most often however, we experience doubts, nervousness, worries and fears coming into play. These feelings weaken our focus, concentration, and drain our physical energy, potentially causing difficulties and struggles with physical actions. These difficulties and struggles make changing unappealing, and we may stop the process of change. This is the time to use Strength essential oil. It can get you back on track, restoring physical energy, strength and courage to continue. Inhale Strength essential oil from the bottle and massage it into the wrist area. You may need to repeat this treatment, or you even may need to take a break, and treat yourself to a footbath. It may take some time until uncomfortable feelings ease. It is worth the effort though because every time you use the Strength essential oil, it becomes easier and faster to dissipate the worries, fears, doubts, and uncertainty, and you will be more able to focus fully on the tasks at hand. You will be surprised how strong you really are.

Summing up the properties of Strength: This essential oil helps us to dissipate mind chatter, emotional charges, nervousness, irritations, and agitation. It activates and helps to build inner strength, self-confidence, willpower, discipline and endurance.


Strength Essential Oil is available on the Scentsible Life online store, or you can order by phone and pick-up at our center.

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Essential Oil Therapy At Home 1

Essential Oil Therapy At Home

My motivation in blogging about therapeutic essential oils is to  inspire you to engage in or become more active in preventative care.  I think we all agree that being healthy and having a happy life is important. Staying healthy and happy with essential oils is pleasant, safe and easy.

Therapeutic essential oils are potent, and using them appropriately is very important.  Essential oils are complex, organic, and alive substances  found in specific cells of plants, herbs, trees, barks, roots, flowers, and leaves.  All essential oils have anti-viral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties in varying degrees. All essential oils effect mood and memory.  Many essential oils are stimulating, sedating or balancing. Many essential oils boost and strengthen the immune system. Many essential oils can relieve stress, tension, headaches, aches, pains, and many more ailments.  The effects essential oils have on specific  conditions vary from essential oil to essential oil. Therefore, if you are not getting the desired results right away, you might need help to adjust the application method or you might need a different essential oil.  

We are here for you to help, guide and support you in your use of essential oils for prevention. If you need more specific information about any of the essential oils please feel free to contact us directly at 310.699.7743, or e-mail us at

Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Cedar  wood has been used for medicine,  cosmetics, perfumery, and spiritual rituals since ancient times. Greeks and Romans purified the air with cedar wood, Egyptians incorporated this special oil into their embalming formula.  And, in Eastern Medicine, Cedar Wood has been used to treat bronchial and urinary infections.  Historically speaking, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg.


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Cedar wood’s pleasant, long lasting balsamic aroma can help with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions.  It is restorative, rejuvenating and deeply relaxing.  In my practice I most often use cedar wood for clients who do not know anything about essential oils or are really skeptical of their effectiveness.  I will generally  massage one drop of cedar wood into each palm of the hands.   Within a few moments, clients usually feel at ease, less nervous or anxious, and more able to sit back and relax.

Cedar wood works  well in counteracting a variety of mental or emotional conditions or states such as:  thoughtlessness, scattered thoughts, fixation on the past, anxiety, mental strain, irritability, emotional sensitivity, touchiness, gloomy thoughts, worry, fear, and being too analytical.  There are several ways to use cedar wood for these conditions and it also works as a preventative.  Below are a couple for home use.

Using Cedar Wood for Mental or Emotional Conditions

For a simple cedar wood treatment, inhale one time through the nostrils about an inch above the bottle, then put the bottle down and breathe evenly for a few moments.  If this does not help right away, you might want to take a break, walk a bit. Additionally you can prepare a hot bath or a foot bath.  I recommend creating a nice atmosphere with candles and soothing music; a nice option to help you relax.  Just before you step into the bath or foot bath, add cedar wood  to the water and stir in clockwise direction to spread the essential oil evenly throughout the water.  Enjoy soaking in this soothing atmosphere for at least 20 minutes. For this treatment use 9 drops of Cedar Wood for the bath and 4 drops for the foot bath.

Using Cedar Wood for Respiratory Ailments

Cedar wood essential oil is very helpful for all kinds of respiratory ailments, to decongest mucus,  to strengthen the immune system, to soothe sore throats, to ease arthritic and rheumatic pain, to combat cellulite and to fight off fungal infections.

For respiratory ailments you can get amazing results with the inhalation method, either directly from the bottle or via steam inhalation. For the steam inhalation boil water, add 2 drops of cedar wood, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam rising from the boiling water for 5 minutes.  Repeat two or three times throughout the day.

The immune system also gets a boost with a hot bath or foot bath with cedar wood  a few times a week. (add 9 drops to the bath and 4 drops to the foot bath)

Sore throat help: Gargle with  8 fl oz of warm to hot water to which you have added one tablespoon of salt and 3 drops of cedar wood.  You may need to repeat the gargling method  a few times throughout the day and one more time before you go to sleep.

To ease arthritic and rheumatic pain, to combat cellulite and fungal infections massage a few drops into affected areas. You may need to repeat this application at least twice a day.

I hope you will enjoy the treatments and application methods with cedar wood.  Please remember that the results depend on your unique condition and you might need to adjust the treatments or may even need a different essential oil. We at Scentsible Life are happy to  help you find the right application method or the right essential oil that fits you and your specific needs.

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